His ability transcends the usual roles and his strength lies in making things work out of nothing.
— Rachel Peake, Director

About Joel


Technology Integration. Live event visuals design. Pyro.

I create fun and engaging live experiences powered by interactive technology and beautiful visuals. I originally trained as an actor and have had a life long love of technology and spectacular visuals. This life experience has given me a love of intimate storytelling mixed with a desire to make magical things happen right in front of people. From small puppet shows where the puppeteer is able to see and interact with the children to performances where the musicians affect the imagery that surrounds them to experiences where audience members make the world change around them, I dream of ways to make  the world we live in more amazing.

Companies I've worked with include Presentation House Theatre, Bold Event Creative, The United Church of Canada, Electric Company Theatre, Neworld Theatre, University of British Columbia and Natures Path Foods. I've worked with companies in Canada, the U.S.A, Germany Mexico and Italy.

The main tools that I work with are Isadora, Touch Designer, Processing, Arduino, Qlab, Final Cut Pro X, Motion and the Adobe suite of programs. I'm conversant with networking protocols, OSC, and MIDI for show control. 

I am a member of the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA, NextGen Member) and VIVO Media Arts. I am also a licensed pyrotechnician and display fireworks assistant.